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Diamond Island Student Artwork Collaboration

Create the next sequential art short to be featured in Diamond Island!

Student artists: Join the ranks of Savanna College of Art and Design students Jeff Yu, Lily Cho, and Tyler Nelson, and be chosen to create a sequential art short for Diamond Island!

We are constantly looking for ways to involve the student community. At this time, we are looking for student artists who would like to create a bonus chapter for our graphic novel, Diamond Island. The selected artist/s will create mini story that will be featured in the second edition printing of Diamond Island. All selected student artists and writers will be fairly compensated for their time and work should they choose to participate.

This opportunity will help students bolster their resume and will allow us to feature a fresh bonus chapter in the second edition of the Diamond Island graphic novel.

Submitting your Work

All those interested in producing a sequential arts short for the second edition of Diamond Island should fill out the contact form below. We will contact individuals with further information.

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