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Dr. Katie Monnin

With eye-popping color and an engagingly hypnotic storyline Diamond Island is the perfect graphic novel for readers of all ages. As an educator, I would most certainly teach this literary-level graphic novel in my classroom, for it embraces and eloquently illustrates all of the key elements of story taught in traditional print-text novels: plot, setting, themes, characters, and much, much more!  Two thumbs up from this graphic novel enthusiast!”

~Dr. Katie Monnin
Associate Professor of Literacy
University of North Florida
Author of Teaching Reading Comprehension with Graphic Texts (Maupin House, 2013)

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Quote for Diamond Island reviews

Terri Libenson

An epic adventure story, Diamond Island weaves artistry, playfulness, and entertainment into a morality tale that’s perfect for kids of all ages.”

~Terri Libenson
Cartoonist of the nationally syndicated comic strip,The Pajama Diaries

Chapter four

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