A Meaningful Graphic Novel for Kids

The Diamond Island graphic novel is engaging, funny, and clean.

  • Over 200 pages in full color
  • Funny and witty characters – lots of ’em!
  • Meaningful and positive moral
  • Visually engaging artwork
  • Great back-to-school gift for kids – get them reading again!
  • Bonus mini comic included in first edition printing

If you are looking for premium reading material for your child, you’re in the right place!

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What’s Being said About Diamond Island

Dr. Katie Monnin

“With eye-popping color and an engagingly hypnotic storyline Diamond Island is the perfect graphic novel for readers of all ages. As an educator, I would most certainly teach this literary-level graphic novel in my classroom…Two thumbs up from this graphic novel enthusiast!”

Terri Libenson – Syndicated Cartoonist

“An epic adventure story, Diamond Island weaves artistry, playfulness, and entertainment into a morality tale that’s perfect for kids of all ages.”

diamond island pirate

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