Diamond Island: Let the Journey Begin!

A Graphic Novel: The Beginning

Welcome! This is the first blog post on the Diamond Island website, so if you’re reading this, congratulations.

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It took over a decade to complete Diamond Island.
Crazy right?

The initial concept was formed in 2002 by Joseph Kirsch, who was quick to include the talented Max Winters in on the project. A year previous to the start of the project, Joe Kirsch created Ethics Comics, an Ohio based LLC with a mission of publishing thought-provoking sequential art and cartoon works. Neither Kirsch nor Winters imagined that the Diamond Island project would span more than a decade. They dedicated many hours to writing and perfecting Diamond Island’s script, creating its characters, and shaping its unique humor. The story and layouts were completed in 2003. That same year, the book was registered with the Library of Congress.

In 2005, artist Taylor Bills joined the team as an illustrator. Bills’ had extensive artistic experience in penciling, inking, coloring and lettering. This allowed him to complete each page in its entirety. The Diamond Island graphic novel  was completed over the next eight years.

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