Diamond Island Graphic Novel: Kickstarter Launch Imminent!

Diamond Island Graphic Novel: Kickstarter Launch Imminent!

We are mere days away from launching our campaign

Update: Kickstarter campaign is now Live! Visit our page to pledge.

Update: We decided to push the launch to August 26

This past week I’ve been looking at my calendar more often than usual. There is a large red circle drawn around August 24. A prediction of the next stock market crash? Nope. Launch date for the Diamond Island graphic novel Kickstarter campaign? Yes!

I began writing about our campaign on July 17th. You canread this postto become more familiar with our Kickstarter campaign.

What happens after I launch the Kickstarter campaign is the most important part. We need support and must find ways to get our campaign in front of a larger audience. The sooner you pledge, the better.

Here are three reasons why pledging right away is beneficial

  1. You’ll  help us gather momentum – early pledges help bolster our project and signals to others that we are worth it!
  2. You will have the opportunity to claim some of the limited rewards – ya’ never know who will swoop in…
  3. You can be the first to share our project and show your support in the comments section!- both are crucial to out campaign’s success.

Now let’s discuss some of the rewards.

Our Kickstarter rewards are anything but baseline, for example, a $25 pledge will entitle you to a limited edition hardcover copy of Diamond Island AND a custom Diamond Island bookmark! If you like music, $36 will get you the previous two rewards and the Diamond Island graphic novel soundtrack which was produced by Mark Avsec (formerly of Wild Cherry). A $50 pledge will entitle you to all the previous rewards and your name will be (at your discretion) printed in on the thank you page! They get better, and better, and better.

Here is a comprehensive list of the rewards we are offering!

So, now you know:

  • When we are launching the campaign (August 26)
  • Why its important to pledge right away (See list above)
  • What we are offering as rewards (see link above)

I hope you are as motivated as I am!

Have you ever supported or launched a Kickstarter campaign? Let me know in a comment below!

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