The Characters of Diamond Island

The Characters of Diamond Island: Notes, Quotes, and More

Richard Fitzgerald Rockstein a.k.a “Richie”

“Dress and dream for success”~ Richie Rockstein

Richie is the son of Paul Rocketein, CEO of the Rockstein Rock diamond Company. He has a wife, a son, loves to dream, and likes fancy shredding machines. He enjoys a crisp fit shirt and skinny black tie while he goes about his business, which includes earning the highest score on Asteroid Blaster and shredding books and ties. Richie is Diamond Island’s heroic and business savvy hero. He holds the titles of:

Best well-meaning employee of the year
Best last place potato sack participant

His crowning achievement is: “Scoring a 56 in Asteroid Blaster before lunch break”

Paul Rockstein a.k.a “The Boss”

“A life without challenge is a life without growth” ~ Paul Rockstein

Paul Rockstien runs the show from his large mahogany desk in the CEO suite at Rockstein Rocks. He toiled for years to build the company into a billion dollar business and prides himself in that he treats all employees with respect. He’s spent countless hours finding positions for his son that would cause the least amount of collateral damage. Paul wants his son to succeed on his own without a helping hand every step of the way…

Rachel Rockstein

“[Richie] usually dreams…..until the bills arrive” ~ Rachel Rockstein

Rachel Rockstein is the wife of Richie Rockstein. She is known for her ability to put up with Richie’s outlandish ideas, and is the reason Richie doesn’t wear an assortment of colors to work every morning. Richie relies on her sound advice before trying to implement his ideas and so far, things have worked out quite well.

Charlie Rockstein

“Wanna see if it can break?” ~ Charlie Rockstein

Charlie is the child of Richie and Rachel Rockstein. He’s young, ambitious, and creative, or, the perfect combination for controlled chaos. Charlie can be found with the vacuum cleaner cord wrapped around him or splashing a cup of milk on an unsuspecting classmates ‘by accident’. Richie hopes that Charlie’s energy and enthusiasm will help him to be as successful as himself!

Captain O’ Shrek

“Here to protect and serve!” ~ O’ Shrek

Captain O’Shrek runs a tight ship around the Rockstein Rock’s campus, although he has never been on a ship in his life. His hours of operation are between 8:00 A.M and 8:30 A.M., and he typically relies on lieutenant Bungle to wake him in case of an emergency. His demonstration abilities often leave others gasping for air.


“I can expedite your trip to nowhere!” ~ Al

Albert Travel is the man who plans big trips, and prefers customers who fall face-first into his potted plant or marble floor. When not tripping people, Al plans vacations at a fraction of what the competition in charging. Al is known for his special ‘Bermuda Cruise’ and ‘Death Valley Cattle Driver’ specials, both of which have experienced no complaints so far.

Jack Tear and Earl Wear

“Our fashion is a figment of your imagination!” ~ Jack T. & Earl W.

Jack and Earl were worse for wear after they lost their star performer and celebrity-Pierre Notalento-to sanity. These two businessmen know the fashion industry, and know what it takes to succeed. Investors are expecting to see some returns on the new Notalento line. When all hope seems lost, they find an answer.