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What’s the Story About?

Diamond Island is a story within a story. The novel is introduced by an older man who begins to tell a tale to some curious children. His tale is about a young man named Richie who struggles to find success. No matter what Richie does, bad luck follows him from place-to-place.

After being fired from his father’s company, Richie decides to sell some of his belongings and in the process, discovers an ancient map. The map provides him with the location of a mysterious island known as “Diamond Island”.

As an adventurer with dreams of creating a legacy, Richie sets off to find Diamond Island.

Captian McYakkity

The Details

Our graphic novel, Diamond Island, is a full color, 220+ page story that explores the meaning of success through funny characters and exciting adventure. The book contains 10 chapters (including the bonus story) that will keep you or your children entertained for hours!

A special mini-story bonus chapter created by student artists from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

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Ethics Comics LLC

Ethics Comics LLC is an Ohio-based publishing company that focuses on creating entertaining and meaningful comics and sequential art works. Founded in 2003 by Joseph Kirsch, Ethics Comics is finally releasing it’s first graphic novel, Diamond Island!

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Student Contributors

Three talented SCAD students created their own version of Diamond Island. Read their mini comic »

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