Diamond Island Graphic Novel for Kids

Diamond Island is a refreshing full-color graphic novel for kids. The book contains over 200 color pages filled with excitement. Diamond Island’s engaging storyline and deep message make it the perfect graphic novel for children of all ages.

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Dr. Katie Monnin

With eye-popping color and an engagingly hypnotic storyline Diamond Island is the perfect graphic novel for readers of all ages…Two thumbs up from this graphic novel enthusiast!”

~Dr. Katie Monnin
Associate Professor of Literacy
University of North Florida

“An Epic Adventure…”
Terri Libenson, The Pajama Diaries

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We’re a small family-owned publishing company dedicated to creating thought provoking sequential art and cartoon works.

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Diamond Island is a great choice for parents looking for high quality reading material for their children. Our graphic novel has an appealing plot, hilarious characters and a powerful closing moral. Read a review of Diamond Island by Dr. Katie Monnin.
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